Presidents Message

Del HeadshotDel Guerrini, Frank Guerrini Vending Machines, Inc.

As the new President of PAMMA, I would first like to thank outgoing President, Steve Fritz, for his efforts in representing the interests of all members during his tenure. I am committed to doing the same during my term of office. I will be supported by the new PAMMA management team, headed up by Executive Director, Denise Calabrese. They have settled in and are quickly gaining knowledge of our industry and its members. I encourage you to go to the “Contact” page to learn a little bit about what they do for the organization.

I have been talking to a number of Operators over the last few months regarding the state of our industry in PA. Some are not aware of the things that PAMMA works on for us every day. Let me touch on a few of the key issues that PAMMA has been keeping its attention on as critical to us all.

  1. PA SKILL GAMES — We continue to stay on top of enforcement of laws against illegal gambling machines across the state. A recent raid in Western PA netted 215 electronic gambling machines. NO Pace-O-Matic “PA Skill Games” were picked up.  BLCE has continued to abide by the Beaver County ruling in favor of Pace-O-Matic.
  2. GROSS SALES TAX — We constantly monitor any attempt to levy a Gross Sales Tax on amusement machines. This would have a devastating effect on all of our Operators and their bottom line.
  3. VGT LEGISLATION — PAMMA, along with PAVGA, has been talking to key legislators and involved organizations in PA as well as other states. VGTs are one of the key elements being promoted to help balance PA’s 2017 budget.
  4. SMOKING BAN – There has been speculation that the State may try to ban all exemptions for smoking in PA liquor establishments. This would have an extreme negative impact on our Gross Sales. We know that it could mean a 30% loss in income in our locations if this would become law.

These are just a few of the things that are currently affecting Pennsylvania. Many Operators may be unaware of these critical issues, but PAMMA members have a direct connection to all that’s going on through the organization. It’s like having a burglar alarm – it monitors everything whether we are there or not, even while we’re sleeping. We can focus on running our business. At the first sign of danger, it gives us a signal, loud and clear. How much is the protection of your business worth to you?

If you are already a member of PAMMA, thank you! Make sure you talk to your fellow Operators who have not yet joined, and let them know how hard we have been working for them and that we need their participation. A few cannot do this alone. Please send in your membership dues NOW! We have a lot of work ahead of us.