Member Benefits


  • Promote and support fair and ethical business practices statewide.
  • Monitor Gaming legislation both in Pennsylvania and nationally.
  • Monitor changes in laws and regulations concerning redemption machines, smoking legislation, liquor, gambling and tax laws.


  • Collect, compile and disseminate industry specific information to members.
  • Promote industry research and analysis.
  • Assist members in finding solutions to business problems and issues.
  • Offers PAMMA Sponsorship Program to connect suppliers and operators with products, services and promotion.


  • Cooperating with government officials for the improvement of the industry.
  • Sponsor of state Dart Tournament and other affiliated events.
  • Maintain a strong affiliation with our national Amusement and Music Operator Association (AMOA).
  • Maintain a formal relationship with the Pennsylvania Tavern Association (PTA) and the numerous Fraternal Club organizations in the state.
  • Hosts an Annual Membership Meeting in conjunction with the Annual Dart Tournament every November. Network and get the latest news about the association and industry at this members only event.

PAMMA Members are:

Operators who own, place and repair currency-activated equipment in various business locations. Operators enter into an agreement with business owners to provide equipment for entertainment, enjoyment and service to the patrons of a business establishment.

Distributors who market and sell currency-activated equipment. Consultants who represent manufacturers in designated market areas.  Provide support to owners of currency-activated equipment.

Manufacturers who make currency-activated equipment. Businesses that design and market products to the world-wide amusement and music industry.

Suppliers who provide ancillary parts, security, software programs and aftermarket accessories for currency-activated equipment.

What are coin-operated or currency-activated equipment?   

Jukeboxes, video games, pinball machines, pool tables and air hockey tables, electronic soft tip dart boards, ATM machines, foosball tables, photo booths, redemption and merchandising equipment, as well as other attractions activated by the insertion of coins, currency or other means of payment.

Where is this equipment placed?

Many types of business establishments are ideal for currency-activated amusements, music and ATM machines. Restaurants and taverns, family entertainment centers, miniature golf centers, movie theaters, bowling centers, convenience stores, grocery stores and shopping malls are just some of the places our operator members locate their equipment.