PAMMA – Your Voice in State Government Keeping it Local!

The Pennsylvania Amusement and Music Machine Association (PAMMA) is a professional state wide association representing the interests of businesses engaged in the coin operated amusement and service industry in Pennsylvania. Memberships in PAMMA are currently available for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors. Being part of your state association is a critical business decision that can positively affect your bottom line. PAMMA members have the opportunity to stay connected on a national level through its parent organization AMOA, but more importantly on the local level where your business operates day in and day out. Being a PAMMA member gives you a voice in your state government. Legislation and regulations that target your industry and your business, usually come from the state level before its a national issue. PAMMA members are kept informed first and foremost on issues that can impact their business. PAMMA – keeps it local, keeps you informed, and keeps your business protected.

As a PAMMA member:

  • Through its political action and governmental affairs committees, PAMMA actively tracks, develops, introduces and promotes legislation affecting the industry throughout the state and reported on this website in PAMMA News. Your voice is heard with a team of government relations professionals who keep tabs on legislation affecting the coin operated industry.
  • On the education side, PAMMA provides seminars with industry experts available on a local level, offering the latest tips and techniques on maintaining and updating equipment, as well as, business management practices specific to Pennsylvania.
  • Working together, PAMMA operators, distributors and manufacturers come together to host, support and conduct Remote Dart Leagues and the largest annual Dart Tournament in the state. More than 400 shooters register to play for a chance to win up to $11,000 in cash and prizes each year.

PAMMA members are:

  • OPERATORS who own, place and service currency-activated equipment in various business locations.  Operators enter into an agreement with business owners to provide equipment for entertainment, enjoyment and service to the patrons of a business establishment.
  • MANUFACTURERS who make currency-activated equipment. BusiMembership Chart Graphic 7.2.18nesses that design and market products to the world-wide amusement and music industry.
  • SUPPLIERS who provide ancillary parts, security, software programs and aftermarket accessories for currency-activated equipment.
  • DISTRIBUTORS who market and distribute the coin-operated amusements. Consultants who represent manufacturers in designated market areas.  Provide support to owners of currency-activated equipment.

What are coin-operated amusements?

Jukeboxes, video games, pinball machines, pool tables and air hockey tables, electronic soft tip dart boards, ATM machines, foosball tables, photo booths, redemption and merchandising equipment, as well as other attractions activated by the insertion of coins, currency, or other means of payment.

Where is this equipment placed?

Many types of locations are ideal for coin-operated amusements, music and ATM machines. Restaurants and taverns, family entertainment centers, miniature golf centers, movie theaters, bowling centers, convenience stores, grocery stores and shopping malls are just some of the places our operator members locate their equipment.